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Campus Diaries

by reshm k ir.....

A transition state 

march 3rd 2011

Doesn’t anyone wonder why this column has not been updated for
months? Anybody? No? Hmm... I guess it’s not very popular. Partly it’s my
mistake and I apologise for my lapse.

Now let’s talk about our college. The campus is going through a
transition right now. It’s been some time we had real fights in campus, but
these days even the air feels the echoes of battle. It’s really stupid though, still
some believe it’s a nice way of awakening a boring campus. Indeed! At least we
got a couple of day’s holiday. That’s more like it.

Also in this season of love, I have to admit our campus is far behind
times. When every other campus celebrated the Valentine’s Day with roses,
love letters, sms and gifts, we had a day just like another. Oh come on people...
If we don’t celebrate V days now, when are we going to celebrate it? After 25
years of marriage? Huh?

Coming to the latest news. Our principal has denied tour permission to
our juniors, the 54th batch. Sorry for you dear. At the same time, 52nd batch has
cancelled their tour due to heavy fights. Sorry for them too.

53rd batch anniversary was conducted with lots of noise and fun, go
girls! 51st university results finally arrived. Congratulations to all who passed, it
wasn’t easy, we know. And those who didn’t, chill out. You can always pass the
next one.

50th batch is into the last terms of their campus life – the final year. 49th
working hard as house surgeons.

Congratulations to the seniors who passed the PG entrance exam with
flying colours. You guys are our inspiration.

Till next time, bye. Take care

                       THe 3RD EYE




10/ 09 / 2009 , friday

Eid Mubarak to all. The scared month of Ramadan has ended and has brought hope of a peaceful world in the hearts of millions of believers. The month of fasting and prayers cleanse the soul and thoughts of everyone.May God, Almighty bless all.
Heartfelt condolence in the occasion of sad demise of Dr.Geetha, HOD of Psychiatry department earlier this month. May her soul rest in peace. Prayers to her family.
the last weeks have been uneventful, as usual. exams for many students. the non-exam writing batches (52nd and 54th) are chilling out in the pouring days. nothing much to do.
to write the campus diary is a commitment. it would be disgraceful if it is not updated from time to time. commitment is a very hard thing to fulfill. its a huge responsibility. yet, a writer has his/her own rights. not everyone can write anytime. some people need that special atmosphere, that special time or may be a special moment to start writing. someone told me recently that everyone can write a story - their life's story. on thinking, i came to a conclusion that no matter what you are writing, if its a creative one, it will have some elements of biography in it. for example: harry potter is a complete fiction, yet JK Rowling says that the characters are people ahe had known as some point of her life. in fact Hermione was shaped out of her own behaviour. any book, any story, any poem, anything that can be read has some point of truth in it. so next time your friend writes some fictitious story and you discard it as fun, read it well. it may be their deepest emotions that must have taken another face through their writing. you never know.
for those who got no idea what I'm talking about, check out the new spandanam. oh.. Yes! New spandanam is released. we are hoping for your reviews to better ourself in the next edition. take a look.

27th august 2010, friday

prayers for you.....

Its been long time that the diary has been written. so many things happening. its the festival season. yet the campus is in a solititude. the sad demise of Shibilu of 50th batch has been a shock to many. we all pray for his soul and to Almighty to give his family and friends to bear with the tragedy.
we did not have onam celebrations. most of the students are busy with exams.campus was sluggishly moving in the rains. we had adreno programmes for two days. rain did dampen the excitment, but it was a good try to improve the overall situation.
weeks have passed on. still the death of our senior leaves a trail of greif. these days, you open the paper and you find news of youngsters drowning to death. almost every day. are our waters becomign so dangerous? why so much deaths? now when we see a river, its not the beauty that strike you. its the unknown dangers. to dwell on these topics is beyond the scope of this diary.
we wish all very prosperous and happy onam. also a prayerful and thankful ramzan. may God, bless you.

6th august, friday

Memories in the air

For the new comers, the week had been ridiculously fast. Their classes started. Dr.Ayisha Guharaj was the chief guest on the first day. They had some orientation class. After 2 days they started with their dissection and practical. Probably they will be hearing of exams soon. Beware kids!

At the same time, the seniors are in a nostalgic phase. Most batches celebrated their anniversary this week. They remember their first day, first year and try to contemplate the idea that their time is short. In a flash of second, life has moved on and is still moving pretty quick. It seems only yesterday that we have come here. The campus has become a part of our lives. So deep has its influence penetrated that without it, everything looks stupid. It is felt the most when one go out with friends who study in other colleges and whatever they say, we feel we are different. Just that we are in Calicut medical college make us feel different. It’s because we are eternally bound to it – to the garden, to clock tower, to ICH, to the wards, to IMCH, to casualty, to hostels, to everything in and around. You may not realize it until you stop to think about it. Fortunately,this week, with all the spatter to rains and cool mornings, has given chance for us to think.
Not forgetting to mention about exams. Every batch except 52nd and 54th is undergoing the annual ritual. Sincerely wishing them all luck, especially 53rd who is writing first year exam. It’s the worst torture.
One interesting event of the week was ‘suhaani raat’ organised by union in tribute to legendary singer Mohammed Rafi and also to inaugurate ‘awaaz’ the music club. Guinness world record holder in tabala playing, Mr.Sudheer Kadalundy was the chief guest. It was a music filled night, proving once again that medicos are not behind any others in art field.
Thus a week goes by... till next week, stay tuned.

30th july 2010
Friday, 30 July 2010

Oh... that was a pretty boring week. Nothing much was happening around. All seniors are busy with exams and preparations. The juniors are also awaiting ‘The judgement day’. Totally a smudgy feeling. On top of all this, it’s been raining whole week!
Well, let’s talk about some general things then. It has been observed that once youngsters get admission into medical college, they completely lose their fashion sense. This typical feature has been found pronounced in government medical colleges. Want proof? Look around. No one’s actually bothered what they wear as long as they are wearing something. It’s not the state in other colleges, where fashion means a lot. Everyday new trends are tried out. Among boys and girls as well. In fact, there’s some monsoon collection dress code! Here, already we wear old rugs, now it’s raining and we bring out dresses from the attic!
Does all this really matters? Especially when we wear a coat all the time. No, it doesn’t. It’s not what we wear matters, but what we do. We are medicos. The cream of the society. The promise of future. Yeah yeah.. Sounds great. But it’s our best time passing by. You are not going to look this good after your youth. So get pout the inhibition and try something new. It may be a dress or a new art or a new thought. Try it out.. It won’t hurt to try.
That’s for today. Kudos to HSA.. They got what they wanted.

23rd july 2010

The admission week and a tinge of regret

The monsoon has set in. The campus is drenching in the long awaited rains. The greenery has come up to its full beauty everywhere. The cool nights and mornings have made many miss their postings. But it’s not the general concern for this week. In fact this week would be the turning point in the life of many new youngsters all around Kerala. Yes, it’s the admission time.
Every year medical admissions occur with great hype in CMC. This year it’s no different. The third years are in front of everything and everywhere. To help the parents find way to auditorium, to correctly fill the bond, to move on with the admission procedure and all these stuffs. I don’t have to mention the frenzy with which members of both political parties have run these two days. Honestly, it was fun. In fact it felt like election time.
In the middle of all this commotion, there were four boys who wore very attractive badges. It wrote: “Calicut medicos welcome you.” It was a moment of contemplation for all. What was the exact feeling? Curiosity, funny, cutesy, admiration, questioning or plain happiness? Whatever, there was a tinge of regret. After all thats what we are. Calicut medicos!
Hopefully,the week did not end with admissions.CMC is unrest. After a gap, housies are on strike again. Their demands have not been met satisfactorily and they are ought to get what they want. Persistence is the only way to success. We all are with you housies!
Thus ends a cool, rainy week. Till next time,,,

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